Kids are going to be creative... for better or worse
Written by Erica Smith on August 17th 2018
I have three wonderful boys that are getting bigger every day.
One thing they have taught me, is that, for better or worse, kids are going to be creative.
One example that you can see in the video above, happened one day while I was making dinner. We had a down pillow. I will emphasize that we HAD one, and no longer have any down pillows. On purpose.

You see, while I was happily baking away, (OK, happily may be an overstatement. I don't particularly enjoy cooking) the boys were upstairs in their rooms exploring. I thought they were playing with cars or looking at books. Little did I know that they somehow discovered that my husband's pillow (yes, the one he really liked) had lots of little white feathers inside of it. And that by ripping it open, they could create an indoor snow storm. A snow storm that covered an entire bedroom. There are seriously a lot of little feathers inside of those pillows.

I was blissfully unaware... for a short time.

They were not even being very quiet. (I like to think I would have noticed the "extreme quiet" that typically accompanies devious behavior).

When I ventured up to the bedrooms, the boys heard me coming and hid themselves (but not very well).

When the realized that I was not (visibly) mad, they were eager to show me what they had created. And we played for another half hour while the dinner cooked. We made it snow, we blew feathers, and we buried our feet. It was a lot of fun until we had to clean it up. But the point is, the kids are going to be creative. They can't help it. Their minds work so quickly. And it is up to us to keep them engaged in a positive, productive direction.

If the creativity is directed in a positive direction, you end up with positive learning experiences that are fun for everyone involved.

If the creativity is left unchecked, it usually manifests as destruction or large messes. I learned this the hard way when it took me and my husband over four hours, two vacuums and a shop vac, to clean up all of the feathers. And we were still finding feathers months later.

After this, I decided to put my professional preschool education degree to good use and create some fun activities to foster their creativity and channel it in a positive direction.

I ended up spending my evenings creating hundreds of fun learning activities to do with my boys. Some they liked better than others, and I have made the winners available to other families to help them not only survive the preschool years, but help their children thrive. Some of the most popular are available on the home page of

I hope this article has made you smile, because the snow storm was in my house and not yours, and that you check out some of the fun activities, and do them with your kids to lead them and engage them in positive, productive, fun, creative play.

Erica Smith

Erica Smith is a Professional Preschool Educator and loves working with and teaching young children.  Erica is also a mother of three boys, and started creating fun and engaging learning activities for them as alternatives to TV, Netflix, and video games.  She now helps other teachers and mothers educate, engage and empower young children by selling the activities online. 
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