Are nursery rhyme important to teach our children?
Written by Erica Smith on Sept 20th 2018
Are you one of those parents that finds singing and reading to be daunting, boring or mundane? I can help by showing you fun, engaging and educational ways to help your child learn and explore nursery rhymes. Because learning nursery rhymes is so important for your child's language development. 
Written by Erica Smith on July 30th 2018
You see, while I was happily baking away, (OK, happily may be an overstatement. I don't particularly enjoy cooking) the boys were upstairs in their rooms exploring. I thought they were playing with cars or looking at books. Little did I know that they somehow discovered that my husband's pillow (yes, the one he really liked) had lots of little white feathers inside of it. And that by ripping it open, they could create an indoor snow storm. A snow storm that covered an entire bedroom. There are seriously a lot of little feathers inside of those pillows. 
Written by Erica Smith on July 29th 2018
I caved... and we got a dog.
You would think with three boys that getting a dog would be inevitable.
The thing is, they had not even been begging.
Written by Erica Smith on July 28th, 2018
A well-loved child has a full love tank, good emotional health, less behavior issues, a lesser need for peer and teacher attention and are not as influenced by peer pressure. How is this possible? Well, you’ve filled your child up with so much good love, that they have less need to seek it from the outside world.

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